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Macaron Making Classes

Review: Macaron Making
5 Star Cookery Class Review
"Marvellous Macarons!"

Fantastic tuition! ...everything was well explained and everyone's work was carefully, but subtly, monitored, to ensure success... everyone managed to turn out impressive looking macarons, and there were some great tips and tricks... I got it as a Groupon deal, but it's good value even at full price.

Lindsey, Derbyshire

M acarons (not to be confused with macaroons!) are formed of a smooth meringue base and dome which is crispy on the outside, yet has a moist, chewy interior. This base and dome (or shell) sandwiches a (typically, though not always) sweet, smooth filling - such as buttercream, ganache, fruit curd, honey, or even Nutella® - the filling can be almost anything which appeals!

The meringue base and dome are made with egg-white, fine sugar and finely ground almonds and invariably will be gaily coloured. They don't just appeal to the eye though - they taste as good as they look! Just two bites big, they are a staple of the Parisian Pâtisserie and are always delicious... how can this not appeal?

You will be tutored during this Macaron Class by our resident chef and MasterChef of Great Britain, Simon Lilley; just choose from the dates below and whichever class you come to, Simon will see that you have your own box of at least 16 Macarons to take home. We look forward to seeing you and... bon appétit!