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The Art of Sabrage at Coghlans

The art of Sabrage is a technique that is used for opening a bottle of Champagne with a sabre – usually on ceremonial occasions. It involves sliding the sabre along the body of the bottle with the blunt side up, in a perfectly nice rhythm, breaking the top of the neck away, leaving it open and ready to pour!   The technique first came to light in France when the army of Napoleon were celebrating spectacular victories across all of Europe. The cavalry would open the bottle with their sabres during these celebrations, with Napoleon known to have said…  “Champagne! In victory, one deserves it; in defeat one needs it!”   SEE how it is done, after a demonstration at...

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Cake, cake and more cake!

It is well known that we here at Coghlans Cookery School are experts in high class, professional catering. We have been catering for many different events such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Parties and other Celebrations for years, and are very good at it! Something that makes us so special and unique, and also what we pride ourselves on, is the fact that we cater for all kinds of requirements and needs, and even just special requests - such as CAKE!   Our superb Resident MasterChef of Great Britain, Simon Lilley, has a knack for producing fantastically tasting food, but making it look spectacular at the same time...   This is no different when it comes to making specially requested cakes for...

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