Let go of your kitchen fears

The kitchen is a fun place where you can whip up delicious meals and tasty snacks. Everyone has to start somewhere! Whether you’re a novice/beginner to an expert there is always room for improvement and learning more. You don’t just have to stick to your own recipes either; we have a large selection of delicious recipes which you can use at a small fee. You can ring the access the code.

  1. Keep it simple to start

If you’re a beginner please remember that everyone has to start somewhere. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing and making a meal. There are many simple recipes which taste just as heavenly! Not only that but if you have a busy lifestyle you’re still able to make a healthy and nutritious meal rather than ordering a high in calorie takeaway. You can start with a recipe that has familiar ingredients so you’re more confident. Get some fun, easy recipes now!

  1. Don’t dive in at the deep end

Sometimes in can be very helpful enriching yourself with knowledge around food and taking that extra helping hand. Here at Coghlan’s Cookery School we offer a range of classes, taught by our very own Masterchef Simon Lilley. Whether you fancy learning more knife skills, whipping up some tasty tapas or extending your knowledge on different cuisines, we can cater for you! To check out all our cookery classes head over to Coghlans Cookery School.


  1. Mistakes

Just embrace it. No one is perfect and you need to remember that! Everyone learns from their mistakes, so it’s better to learn from them then dwell. If something goes wrong, try again. If your soufflé doesn’t rise, your Christmas cakes burns or your curry is too spicy, don’t worry! It’s a learning curve.

  1. Time

Although there are many recipes that are easy and quick, if you want to extend your knowledge and abilities this all takes time.  Just like a athlete needs training or a baby learns to walk. It’s all about taking your time and allowing yourself time to develop.

For more information please head to Coghlan’s Cookery School where you can get expert advice, great cookery lessons and ravishing recipes. Alternatively ring us direct on: 01246453131. 

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